Aiden Kahanovitch

+1 204 934 8903

Aiden Kahanovitch is a Human Resources leader with 10+ years of experience helping companies grow and succeed. He is known for his ability to increase employee engagement and create a meaningful and productive company culture.

Aiden’s path to Human Resources is not the most typical one. After attending the University of Winnipeg and Red River College, Aiden began his career in finance. Thanks to some impactful mentors who were experienced in both disciplines, Aiden seized opportunities to become more involved in HR projects, policy development and change management. He knew he had found his passion, and officially became a full-time HR professional when he began working in health care in 2009- first at St. Amant, and then at the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority. Since then, he has implemented policies, procedures, systems and strategic planning for organizations employing approximately 5,000 Manitobans.

As someone who believes in creating strong communities, Aiden has volunteered his time with community organizations such as Pride Winnipeg Inc., where he served on the Board of Directors at the HR Director and Vice President of Operational Supports. In his spare time, he enjoys boardgames (collecting them, teaching them to others, and running a board game group!) and hiking with his two rescue dogs, Dasher and Daisy.

Aiden Kahanovitch - Vice President of People & Culture for CW Stevenson